As the necessary papers are almost done for the company to emerge, we're back at a decision that we postponed very efficiently to this day: the name game. As much as we like the enkio name, we know since several weeks now that we won't be able to make it the company name (as a well established IT company exists with a very similar name - one that sound the same, which is even worse). This was somewhat of a deception for me, as I liked enkio, and also because finding a name is not so evident.

Apart of the utmost importance of finding something that "sound good" to us, we find some good piece of advice on the net. Which do not means we agree on all point, for example, I'm firmly in the "empty vessel" camp - I think that products names should be descriptive and mean something, I'm less sure about companies names.

As of today, we're settling on something, so we'll start a very non-scientifically true poll by trying it on colleagues, friends, family, to get some feedback. So it probably has its place here.

Without further ado, let us introduce you our new company : 8th color.

Any comments, positive, negative or infuriated are welcome on our poll here.


UPDATE: For the moment, we've received 10 entries in our poll. No clear winner, but the most of comments, even the negatives ones, are very interesting. We still wait some entries. Don't be shy, tell us what you think.