Normally, when you have a decision to make between two products/cakes/cars/holiday places, spending a little of time can help tremendously : collect a little additional info, and offers that seemed equivalent soon begin to differ (not saying that one is absolutely better than the other, but one is almost always better for you), transforming a life long dilemma into an evident answer ("I'll take the chocolate one !").

Well, for today problem, it does not seems to work. We need to set on some web framework for our future products (and for our current investigation), and we're stuck with a short list of... two :

  • Django
  • Rails

Both Christophe & I have some kind of "first experience" with one of the two (Rails for me, Django for him). Both of us find those experiences positive. Worse yet, the most we inquire, the most undecidable the question seems to become, as both technologies seems to be solid, fun to use, well supported, and fit our needs (quick/agile web development).

You are welcome to offer advice, but be aware that :

  • We did some quite extensive research (from the bottom of Stack Overflow to various blogs, articles from reluctant or happy campers/switchers, using many google queries)
  • We did make some prototyping ourselves, using the two languages (based on the requirements of a possible product, not just following the "My first Django/Rails app" tutorial)
  • All information that we found at this point, whether external (i.e., the experience of someone else that we read) or internal (our own tests) seems to lead to the same conclusion : it is a matter of taste.

Now, of course :

  • Our tastes are not the same
  • We cannot select/invest in two sets of technologies
  • We cannot report the decision
  • I'm not ready to start a crusade on this (I know, I'm becoming lazy and complaisant)

The flipping coin is not far...