Remember this tweet from not so long ago:

“The entrepreneur's dilemma: Maintaining friendships. Building a great company. Spending time w/family. Staying fit. Getting sleep. Pick 3.”.

I think I solved this dilemma almost without thinking about it. May be not completely, but mostly, with a single simple act.

Our current time schedule is (roughly): spend two days a week doing consultancy (we’re bootstrapping, so we need to get the cash flow from somewhere), the rest (which may be between three and five days) are spent on Sybil.

The time “on Sybil” itself means many different things, from (obviously) coding to customer development, via meetings with advisors, presentations or events preparation, networking, interaction with a designer, administration and I forget some.

All the points are important, all need to be given the proper attention and time, all of this in a mere 7 day-week.

As we do not (yet) have the money (nor, more importantly the necessity) to have dedicated offices, we tend to work from my home (I had more space to begin with). This has a very simple consequence:

As my girlfriend work out of town, we tend to wake up early, so by 7:15, I’ve taken my breakfast and are ready to “go to” work. One volley of stairs later (probably around 7:15:12’’), I’m at “my office”. When I begin to feel hungry around noon, I’ve already more than 4 hours of work behind me. The lunch is something that goes pretty fast when you just have to eat, and want to go back to work (which, as a Founder, you should). At the end of the “office day”, around 6:30 PM, the “work clock” is already around 10 to 11 work hours.

The best part is that, by stopping at that hour, I’ve still the time to go fetch some food and fix the dinner.

I’m not saying that I’m not spending evenings or weekends on Sybil, but as long as you are not an heavy sleeper (truth be told, there is an unfair advantage be able to rest in less than 6 hours), you can still get a good amount of work done, spend some time with your family and even keep some social life in a single day.