Looking for our first Developer for Sybil

8th color’s first birthday is almost on us, Sybil 1.0 version is just at the door, looks like a good time to hire our first employee: a software developer. It’s quite a milestone for us, and we are glad to be able to share it with you, as this is not just about building a great product - it is about building a great team (and, let's face it, three sounds more like a team than two does).

We, 8th color and Sybil

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As developers ourselves, we did create 8th color with as vision to help development teams to produce meaningful software and be able to focus on their real job: creating business value for their users and customers.

This is why we made Sybil: we are convinced that development teams need and deserve something better than a notepad or an Excel sheet to manage and follow their technical skills. With Sybil, we give them a way to identify, value and share their technical expertise, based only on their real job: the code they produce.

We want to give back to developers what is their unique talent: the skills and competencies that make them great.

Beyond that, we are actually real people, and like: Opiniated software, clumsy wizards, languages, OO design, quality food

The Job

You join the team (well, that means the whole two of us) as our first employee to make Sybil a really great product. You progressively take an active part on all aspects of the development and become proficient in our whole technical stack. You work with us in our offices in Brussels.


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You think technical skills matters, and want to help developers and team to properly value them. You are a developer with at least a first experience in putting software in production. You are interested in working in a startup environment.

You know something about some parts of our stack:

  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • PostgreSQL
  • GNU/Linux Debian
  • Parsing (ANTLR)

and have an interest in all parts of the development, from database to frontend to devops.

You see the point of development as delivering quality software to our customers. You think that great challenges are met together. You value good communication and honest feedback in a team. You are ready to learn and grow with us. You want to be one of the first to share your Sybil profile to the world.

Interested? Explain us why and tell us of some achievement you are proud of at 1st-employee@8thcolor.com.

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