We've talked about 8th color, about our product Sybil, but we had forgotten the place. Here is a totally objective, insider report of 8th color offices.


My desk

No big surprise here : as most programmers, I enjoy working  with two large screens, having space on one for my  development stuff, and on the second for A'Thuin. The tea is  complimentary, but the name-train is mine.

But this is actually far from being my sole workplace.

My other desk

We are frequently on the road : to meet a customer, a provider, a contact. Those moments are actually quite easy to put to good use, especially as a public transportation user : the train is nice place to work, typically doing some preparation work before the meeting, and filling the gaps in my notes afterward.



Brainstorm room

Being part time in consultancy means that we do not meet in the office each day, but decisions have to be taken, and not everything is simple to handle by email.

An after lunch short walk is a really good opportunity to make a quick synchronization about what is going on.

Call center

I often have several calls to give any given day. The moments I'm just walking to or from the office or another place are just fine for this : it's reasonably quiet, and I can really focus on my conversation, without any internal or external interruption.




What this is about

This is not about working at each and every moment of the day - we are big believers in the importance of keeping a work/life balance. This is about being able to work from many different places, just by putting most of the (supposed) lost time to good use. About picking right activities for the right circumstances (I do read technical books in a 15 min train trip, but I would probably not code at this time). An realizing that most of the design ideas I came with tend to emerge after my workday, typically when I'm walking home. Doing the good activity at the good moment means having both more time and more results.

I remember reading a sound advice to startup owners : "There are very few things that you could do in half an hour that would be more productive than taking your dog for a walk". I got no dog, but I walk.

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