The task

Just ship

Three months ago, another company interested in Sybil accepted to be a pilot. Very quickly, the question of installation came, and we had to plan it. First of all, we met with the company again in order to learn about their technical environment. We had even already tested some configurations in the application itself, such as the connection to the repository. We decided with the customer that the best option was to provide them a full VM, to be independent of any local circumstances. As first list of constraints, we had then:

  • no access from outside, even through a VPN,
  • the deployment of Sybil made thanks to a VM,
  • an old server with Microsoft Windows 2003 as host for the VM, and
  • a machine with access to this server.

We then planned a visit to really install Sybil.

The run

Jeanette Kwakye during World Indoor Championsh...

Jeanette Kwakye
(Photo credit: wikipedia)